What is QforQuran?

QforQuran is a dedicated Quran App to create a steady habit in Quran reading. Simply create an account, log into our Quran App, and start reading at your own pace. Join thousands of other Muslims all around the world!

What have we achieved so far?

In the span of just 1.5 years, we have reached thousands of households. In an effort to unite Muslims around the world to read the Holy Quran together as a community.


Ayahs Read

Total number of Ayahs read using our Quran App for mobile and website. Our community comes together to pray and read daily ayahs. This is an important step to create a Quran reading habit for any Muslim. Numbers are updated daily to reflect the progress of our QforQuran community efforts.


Registered Quran Readers

Total number of registered QforQuran users, reading Quran individually and within the community. Register your account at any time to keep track of your progress contributing to reading the Quran together. Our aim is to create a strong and connected Muslim community with an active habit of Quran reading.


Qurans In-Progress

Number of Quran recitations in progress on QforQuran at the moment. This number portrays the importance of our mission. When you come together with fellow Muslims to achieve a common goal to finish reading a full Quran. Build a solid habit to contribute to a better world.

What's inside the QforQuran App?

We’ve designed a place to meet with the Muslim community and keep track of your success in reading Quran. Our Quran App allows you, with a very friendly interface, to get a quick grasp on what you’ve done so far and advance in your quest.

Quran Reading Events

Create, manage, and participare in Quran reading events. Invite friends and family to join you on reading Quran together as a whole. These events can be created for specific reasons (praying for a loved one, for a job application, for a deceased family member, etc.) or just for the pleasure of creating a habit together. Track the events progress and the member’s participation using the Quran App either on mobile or website.

Quran Reading

One of the key features of our Quran App is, of course, Quran reading. This feature has been designed for an easy-to-use experience. You will be able to adjust the font size and even display different translations. The goal is to help you read comfortably and for as long as you need to achieve your daily goals!

Quran App Progress

Follow your own progress within your profile. You will be able to see how much you have read since the day you registered. QforQuran also includes a level feature. Level up by reading more verses and share your progress with the community.

QforQuran App

Create Your Own Quran Event!

Because Quran is all about coming together and build a strong community, our Quran event feature is available to everybody! Our Quran Events are perfect for any occasion, from the birth of a newborn, to the support of a job application or to pray for the deceased. No matter the reason, creating a Quran event will help you bring together your community to read Quran for a good cause.

Create your Quran Event today and join a community of thousands of daily Quran readers in their efforts to create a better world!