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A Quran app with a powerful habit building system driven by a highly motivated online community

Experience QforQuran's Community Reading feature with us


Daily recitation of Quran is spiritual journey for Muslims but with today's busy schedules we get less time for it. A little motivation can go a long way to help us reconnect with the holy Quran


Taking little steps is the key to developing a long lasting habits. Similarly the ability to connect over social media and track progress of the ongoing reading helps forming a community around a noble cause.


QforQuran aims to integrate Quran reading back into the lives of Muslims by providing balanced reading tasks, motivation & social encouragement. These tasks can be scheduled and read with ease anywhere, anytime. Plus reading along with the community provides a boost of motivation and a sense of connectedness.

What QforQuran is about?


Habit Building

QforQuran’s habit building systems uses manageable reading tasks that can be read in small durations. These tasks contribute towards the overall goal of finishing the Quran. For maximum ease, the goals are set by the user where as the tasks are scheduled by the platform with user input.


Community Driven

QforQuran allows the users to invite friends and family to read Quran with them or be part of a Quran reading initiated by others. This feature comes in handy during special events like Ramazan, Hajj and others. The initiator can track progress of the ongoing reading in realtime.



With the help of levels and distributions for convinient reading, the user is engaged into regular reading. Furthermore rewards can be associated with different levels to motivate the readers.


Plan & Track

Both in case of individual readers and community reading, the users can view the progress through a realtime dashboard. Here; in a single view, the user can see ongoing progress, remaining tasks and the schedule to achieve goal.

QforQuran for you !

Bringing a positive change to our users' lives is the mission that drives our team. Have a sneak peek at how we have combined an engaging user experience with a positive habit building system.

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